servicedesk lite
FREE complaint management software

Free service crm to manage service complaints.

ServiceDesk Lite

a free standalone service crm for light usage

for more features see Basic edition

ServiceDesk Lite is simple ready to use free complaint management for light usage. ServiceDesk Lite has basic yet all core features to effectively manage service complaints right from initiation to closure.

  • Free Edition.
  • 3 Users Free For Life.
  • Register complaint.
  • Assign complaint to service executive.
  • Complaint closure.
  • Reporting tool.
  • Backup utility to safeguard your data.
  • Basic access control.
  • Store unlimited data.
  • Works without Internet.
  • Store data on your PC / Laptop.

It is a standalone windows application that works without internet.

features & benefits

Manage Complaints

Assign Complaints

Complaint Status

Basic Search

Reporting (Basic)

Access control (Basic)


installation & data storage options
Single PC
maximum users
3 Users Free

100% free for life

ServiceDesk Lite is 100% free for life.

Price in Rupees for India

/ user / month
# INR price is applicable for Indian business Only.
*Minimum users for Lite On-premise is 1

Price in USD

/ user / month
# USD price is applicable for Rest of the world (Non-Indian business)
*Minimum users for Lite On-premise is 1

Payment Options

Deposit cheque, cash or transfer funds (NEFT) to HDFC bank
To know more about payment options mail us at

HDFC Bank Accounts Details | Payment In USD

On-Premise Data Storage

ServiceDesk Lite enables you to store data locally (On-Premise). You can store unlimited data. It is a standalone application which means the data & the application resides on the same computer & it works without internet. You can either have single or multiple users.


store data on your PC, laptop or Server.

Single PC Single User
You can install ServiceDesk Lite on Single device (PC or Laptop) where application and data are stored on same device.

Single PC Multi User
You can install ServiceDesk Lite on Single device (PC or Laptop) where data and application are stored on same device you can create multiple users and login with respective login details on that device.


All our products come with standard support
which includes chat, telephone, email & remote support.
Kindly contact our helpdesk for more details.

  email :

  Tel no : +91.22.25826331


Desktop/Laptop configuration required for app installation for ServiceDesk Lite Edition


windows application.
CPU: 2 GHz +
RAM: 1 GB (minimum)
Free Disk Space: 100 MB (minimum)
Screen Resolutions: 1024*768
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
windows 10 Recommended
basic › for more features see basic edition