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Installation Options

Organizer is a windows application and hence works optimally on windows based OS, It various installation options i.e it can work on standalone PC, LAN, Cloud etc.

Organizer support following installation options

Organizer is windows application with the following installation option.

Single PC Multi Users
Organizer can be installed on single pc, where data and application is stored on your local PC/Laptop. You can have multi users accessing the application from the same PC with their respective login id.
Edition Supported: Standard, Professional, Premium & Enterprise
Multi PC Multi User (LAN)
Organizer can be installed on Multiple PC and data can be stored on a PC/Server. There are 2 components for installation i.e. Server & Client Server: It could be installed on PC/Laptop/Server machine depending on the volume of data or product edition. Data folder is shared so that same can be accessed from Client PC Client: you can install multiple clients and configure the db setting as per server folder. You can install client on as many pc as you wish.
Edition Supported: Standard, Professional, Premium & Enterprise
Online (data on Spinso Server)
Organizer can be accessed from multi location even if they are not inter-connected via network, as the data is stored on Spinso cloud server, you just need internet to access the data.
Edition Supported: Enterprise
Private Cloud (Data on your server)
Organizer can be installed on your server and can be configured for multi-location access.
You need windows server with public/Static ip.
Edition Supported: Enterprise
Thin Client
Organizer can also be installed on Thin Client
Edition Supported: Standard, Professional, Premium & Enterprise
MAC (with third party product)
Organizer can be installed on MAC with the help of third party software named Parallels. You can also check for any other software which offers features similar to Parallels.
Edition Supported: Standard, Professional, Premium & Enterprise
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