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ServiceDesk is a simple, ready to use service management software to manage Service contracts & complaints.

It comes in various edition Lite, Standard, Enterprise and Custom to suit needs of individuals, small & medium business and corporates. With ServiceDesk you can choose to store data on your pc/server or cloud, in both case you just pay monthly rental. ServiceDesk is available for free trial hence we would recommend you to experience the product first hand.

You can compare various features available in each editions and choose the right one for your business.

 Lite   Standard   Enterprise 
  Free Users 3 0 0
  Multi Users
  Manage Complaints
  Assign Complaints
  Close Complaints
  Access Control Basic Advance Advance
  Export to Excel
  Data Backup
  Service Contract
  Renew Contract
  Renewal History
  Complaint Pending Reason
  ReAssign Complaints
  Smart Reporting
  Support Volume data
  Service Slip
  Installation Options
  Thin Client
  Multi PC (LAN)
  Private Cloud



* Minimum user for Standard is 3, Enterprise is 15 and Custom is 10

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