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Enterprise Edition

More Robust and Secure Enterprise Solution.

Ideal for medium and large enterprise, Timetracker automates and simplifies the time, expense and leave management process which otherwise is a challenging task for project managers and coordinators to track and maintain such details. Time tracker enterprise also gives you flexibility to configure and access data across multiple branches.

Time tracker is highly suitable for SME's and large enterprise working on multiple projects, as well as those who would like to better manage their time and resources.

Enterprise edition is not available for trial use. we recommended to download professional edition for trial use.

Time tracker Enterprise edition is a comprehensive yet easy to deploy and use timesheet management software.

Who can use

Suitable for professional service firms such as Software development company, BPO, Designing firms, Contractors, legal advisors, accounting and auditing, architect and various other consulting firms etc.


- Helps you increase the productivity by measuring time spent on various task and projects
  and accordingly take the timely measures.
- Simple and easy to use interface requiring minimal training.
- Presents the minute details in the timesheet such as working hours, leave taken, public
  holidays, weekly holidays, half days along with log-in and log-out time.
- Hierarchical control enables authorization of employee timesheet, leave and expenses thus
  ensuring a proper process.
- Compare actual cost vs budgeted cost.
- Helps to anticipate the project cost over runs well in advance so that timely measures can
  be taken.
- Effortless customer billing due ready availability figures and details.
- Helps in prioritizing and realigning the work and resources on the basis of criticality.
- Leave management with authorization is automated hence no need to maintain manual
  leave cards or mail request.
- Expenses management is made easier which enables to track the project/task expenses.
- Monthly/Weekly reviews can happen faster since the information is easily accessible.
- Multiple holiday lists can be created for multiple regions or branches.
- Leave and expense approval information is available within time tracker hence it saves lot of
  time searching the documents or mails.
- Approvals can happen faster as the information is accessible to the approving authority
  even while he is out of office.
- Aids in estimation of new project based on the historic data for similar kind of projects.
- Supports multi branch/location access to data.

Easy to deploy

This software product is developed on the client server architecture which can be accessed by multiple users within local computer network. It is a ready to use product and can be easily deployed with zero implementation effort.

Enterprise edition is not available for trial use.
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Features features

Managing Time
Time tracker not only captures the log-in and log-out time of the employee but also tracks the task done in between that time.

Leave and Expense Workflow
Employees can maintain their timesheet, leave, expense (voucher) along with time sheet.

Project Costing
The project costing feature in time tracker helps you compare the actual cost versus budgeted cost of the project

In-Depth Reporting Capability
with flexibility to slice and dice The comprehensive reporting in Timetracker lets you assess and measure the time and cost spent on various activities and projects. The MIS reporting provides graphical representation of data.

Safeguard your data
Backup & Restore utility helps you safeguard your data. This helps in maintaining data integrity in case of virus attacks or PC crashes.

Supports Remote Access
Flexibility to configure and access data across multiple branches or locations.

Reports Reports

Graphical representation of time spent on various project, task and expense and costing details.

Time In-Time Out
Employee time-in, time-out details.

Timesheet Summary
Summarized view of overall time spent on particular days.

Timesheet Details
Detailed view of timesheet to know the time spent on each task and project.

Project summary
Overview of time spent on various projects along with the cost.

Task Summary
Overview of time spent on various task along with the cost.

Employee Costing
Gives the detailed breakup of employee cost which includes overtime and the per hour cost.

Expense Summary
Lists the Expenses incurred.

Estimated vs Actual Cost
Comparison between the budgeted cost/time and the actual cost/time of the project.

Holiday List
List of public and weekly off.

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payment option   

Debit card, Credit card, Instant transfer from your bank account (if eligible) via PayPal
Or you transfer your funds to our HDFC Bank account more payment options

If you wish to make the payment for any other options (like users, payment frequency etc. ) mail us the details at we would send you the payment link.

To get a FREE no obligation quote mail us at with the following details: Company Name, Contact Person, Product Name, Edition, License Type, and Number of Users.

Note : USD Payment is not valid for Indian debit/credit cards. INR price is applicable for Indian individual or business to make the payment via Indian debit/credit card or for bank transfer price in INR

Terms & Condition

on-premise terms & condition
- Payment term is 100% advance
- Payment should be in the favor of Spectrum Info Solutions
- Price is inclusive of Free Upgrade (Major and minor), Free Telephonic support, Free Email support
- Onsite visit would be charged extra
- Subscription should be renewed after expiry, to continue using software
- Payment for subscription is yearly in advance
- Tax as applicable

online terms & condition
- Payment term is 100% advance
- Payment should be in the favor of Spectrum Info Solutions
- Price is inclusive of Free Upgrade (Major and minor), Free Telephonic support, Free Email support
- Onsite visit would be charged extra
- Online subscription should be renewed after expiry, to continue using software
- Document storage charges extra
- Payment for subscription is yearly in advance
- Private server extra
- Tax as applicable

Modules Prerequisite

Hardware Requirement

- CPU: 2 GHz +
- RAM: 512 MB (minimum)
- Disk Space: 100 MB (minimum)
- Screen Resolutions: 1024*768


- OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
- SQL Server 2005 licensed edition or Express free edition onwards
- Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 download center

Resources resources

Remote Support
Issues can be resolved via the IT support facility, by gaining remote PC access. Thus breaking the location barriers. Following are the utilities required to avail remote support. These tools are secure and easy to use. It just requires a PC and internet connection.

- Show My PC download now
- Team Viewer download now

Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 (Free Runtime)
A free runtime from Microsoft required for all our products
Report viewer (Free Runtime) download now

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